Welcome to North Canyon Medical Center

We are a small medical network. The people we serve are our families, friends and neighbors. We want to ensure that our patients can stay close to home without sacrificing the quality of medical care. Our size should not limit their access to the finest health care available, and we are passionately committed to providing levels of professionalism, advanced medical technology, and patient comfort that are without equal.

Although we may be the closest medical center for those we serve, we make certain no one is sacrificing quality for the sake of convenience. Patients at North Canyon receive the medical care they need and deserve. In addition to our wide range of medical offerings, we have a relationship with the Mayo Clinic that allows us to take advantage of the talent, expertise and support of one of the world’s finest medical resources.

We are in a constant state of improvement. We want the experience for everyone who interacts with North Canyon Medical Center to be positive. Whether they’re patients, visitors, vendors, medical professionals, administrators, support staff, or volunteers, we strive to ensure they feel valued.

We endeavor to perform with integrity, compassion, and fairness; continuing to earn the respect of the communities we serve, while nurturing our reputation as a cherished resource and source of pride for all.


Powered by excellence, we are growing a medical organization that serves our communities.


We aspire to be your first choice for healthcare through an expanded network of medical services of the highest quality.

Guiding Principles

People, service, quality, stewardship, relationships.