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Diagnostic Imaging Providers

Radiology plays a crucial role in healthcare, serving as a key diagnostic tool for illness prevention and identification. At our facility, we take pride in offering the latest in radiology equipment to ensure the precision and accuracy of every exam. This commitment to advanced technology empowers healthcare professionals to obtain detailed images, facilitating informed decision-making and reflecting our dedication to providing patients with high-quality care.

Most radiology exams require an appointment, so please call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Qualified & Competent Professionals

Medical imaging procedures must be accurate and precise. An image is only as good as the person who takes it; the treatment is only as effective as the individual who administers it. We have a board-certified radiologist on-site that can consult with your ordering provider about any of your test results.

How can you be sure that your imaging exam is being performed by a qualified, competent professional? Just ask. When you meet the person who will perform your examination, ask if he or she is certified by a national agency or licensed by the state. In addition to asking about qualifications, you should ask questions about the procedure you’re scheduled to receive. A competent radiology technologist will be able to explain the procedure in detail, help you prepare for it, and tell you what to expect.