X-Rays (Radiology)

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A Clearer Image for More Informed Decisions

X-rays are electromagnetic waves which penetrate many materials to varying degrees. An x-ray machine is essentially a camera using x-rays instead of visible light to expose an image. X-rays are often the first tools doctors use to diagnose illness so that treatment can begin.

Since tissue, fat, muscle, tumors, bones, and other masses absorb X-rays at different levels, doctors may quickly determine the condition of the internal organs and skeletal structure in order to make crucial decisions. They may also use modified X-ray procedures to examine softer tissue, such as the lungs, blood vessels, or intestines.

Radiologic Technologists use knowledge of human anatomy, physics, radiation protection, and mastery of highly technical equipment to create medical images. They work closely with Radiologists, who are trained to interpret the images.

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