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Your Child Deserves the Best Care

Whether you are a new parent or experienced in child-rearing, there will always be questions and concerns about what is best for the young ones in your life. From infancy to adolescence, every stage is filled with surprises - but the quality of your family’s healthcare shouldn’t be one of them.

Excellent medical care involves more than simply treating a patient. At North Canyon Pediatrics, we collaborate with you and your family, working as a team to build lasting relationships. Together, we can achieve the best outcome for your child.

That’s why we at North Canyon Pediatrics believe that a close partnership between physician and family is key to helping your child have the best health possible. Our goal is to develop deep relationships and provide excellent medical care in order to help your family enjoy good health and happy life now and into the future.

Your Child Deserves The Best Pediatrician

Dr. Holliman and the team at the North Canyon Jerome Clinic knows every stage of childhood varies and each kid is unique. We know that a gentle approach and special level of attention to children is very valuable, so we pride ourselves on understanding how to interact with kids on their level, creating a welcoming atmosphere that helps them feel comfortable and safe. Our passion goes far beyond providing the highest level of healthcare available - we also create an exceptional experience for each child and their parents.

Meet Dr. Holliman

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Dr. Holliman was born and raised in Peru where she completed medical school training. Upon moving to the United States, she pursued her path into Pediatrics. Prior to joining North Canyon, she practiced in Arkansas and Texas. Her passion for working with children extends outside of medicine, where she spends her free time engaging in activities that benefit children.

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The Right Approach for Every Stage of Childhood

In the early stages of infancy, it’s important to track benchmarks to ensure a newborn is thriving – any indication that a baby is losing weight, not growing, or failing to thrive in any way is addressed with the utmost attention. If deficiencies in mental or physical growth and development are detected, North Canyon Pediatrics develops specialized plans and involves other pediatric specialists if needed.

As kids continue to grow, there are specific milestones they should reach at certain ages. Pediatricians are the first to notice and identify significant mental or physical concerns in a child’s development from their heads to their toes - when children are learning to walk, we observe if they have foot problems, challenges with coordination, or an inability to bear weight. Our goal is to make sure that kids are growing as they should.

We continue to evaluate every child through each stage of development, so you can be confident that your kid is in excellent hands from newborn through adolescence and into adulthood.

From Routine to Surprise Ailments or Injuries, We Have You Covered

North Canyon Pediatrics provides immunizations from childhood through early adulthood, including vaccines for Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, DTap, Hib, PCV13, Polio and MMR. We know shots can be scary, but this is where our connection to kids really shines - in the scary moments. Our highly trained staff connects with each child based on their unique interests, fears, and situation. It is essential that every child patient immediately feels safe and trusts that they are in the presence of someone who truly cares.

Additionally, North Canyon Pediatrics treats infants, toddlers, and children with unexpected but common health ailments like colds, strep, and flu. We are also ready for injuries like cuts, bruises, and broken bones. At North Canyon, we provide an atmosphere where children receive the best care possible and have measures in place to help each kid be as healthy as possible.

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