General Surgery

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Providing You With the Surgical Care You Deserve

While everyone can agree that having surgery is never fun, sometimes it’s necessary to make sure you can live as healthy as possible. When medical situations that need the expertise of a general surgeon arise, you need to be able to turn to a medical team you can trust - a team of individuals dedicated to providing you with the care you deserve. This is precisely what you will find at North Canyon General Surgery.

What is General Surgery?

People often ask, “What is general surgery?” And while it sounds like a broad area of medicine, general surgery is a medical specialty that requires a vast amount of knowledge, expertise, and a collection of specific skills.

A general surgeon possesses the education and understanding necessary to provide preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care for a wide variety of diseases and conditions. From elective surgeries to emergent situations, such as gallbladder surgery and trauma, general surgeons are trained to address many conditions.

Surgeons that specialize in General Surgery at NCNC

Advanced Surgical Techniques & the Highest Level of Care

At North Canyon, our general surgery team performs a broad range of surgical procedures using today’s most advanced techniques to ensure the highest level of care. With specialized knowledge and experience related to diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and postoperative management, our general surgery team treats hundreds of diseases ranging from benign tumors to injuries, gastrointestinal problems to hernias, and much more. The knowledge of our expertly trained surgical staff, combined with the latest diagnostics and technology of our surgical suites, assures you that we’re providing southwest Idaho with the best in general surgery healthcare. Our surgical team is dedicated to providing you with a successful surgical experience as well as a recovery process.